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Temecula Family Law Attorney Jeffrey Novack

Family Law Lawyer Jeffrey Novack, an expert in divorce and family law, provides affordable skilled legal services in Temecula and throughout California. At Novack Law Offices, we provide personal representation customized for your unique situation.

If you are facing divorce or any family law matter, you will need an experienced family law attorney to advocate for your interests. As a full-service and trusted local law firm, we offer knowledgeable legal guidance for all types of divorce, including divorce mediation and high asset divorce. We also focus on handling issues involving child custody, child visitation, child support, spousal support, support enforcement and collection, paternity, property division, and domestic violence.

With more than 30 years of experience, Temecula Attorney Jeffrey Novack is recognized as a family law and divorce expert by the Board of Legal Specialization, California State Bar. He understands how your life is changing, and he is committed to helping you build a better way of life for your family.

We understand that the end of a marriage impacts everyone involved. Family law matters require deep consideration. The divorcing couple is not only closing a previous period of emotional, intimate connection, they are also dividing property and making decisions to benefit the children.

Family Law Attorney and Divorce Lawyer Jeffrey N. Novack is here to help you through this difficult time by explaining your rights, safeguarding your interests, and providing compassionate legal counsel throughout the entire process. Contact our office at (951) 695-2855 to discuss your situation during a free consultation. Mr. Novack can answer your questions, evaluate your legal case, and offer advice for achieving the best possible outcome.

Family Law Lawyer in Temecula, California

Divorce Lawyer and Temecula Family Law Attorney Jeffrey Novack has three decades of experience handling family law cases. As a Certified Legal Specialist, he has an unmatched familiarity with divorce law and family matters to help clients efficiently navigate through the family court system. We work diligently to make this process stress free for each client.

Expert Advice | Which Services are Right for You?

We partner with you to help you achieve your legal goals. Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack specializes in a wide range of family law matters, including those that follow.

Is Your Marriage Ending?

Divorce – With caring legal advice on divorce, our experienced divorce attorney can guide and help you make critical decisions about your future.

Divorce Mediation – If you and your spouse can amicably make decisions, divorce mediation may benefit your family.
Limited Scope Services – By handling only a certain part of your case, our unbundled legal services option may be a cost-effective option.

Are Children Involved?

Child Custody – When children are involved, attaining a custody and parenting plan that is in the child’s best interests is a top priority.
Child Support – We help you secure the appropriate amount of child support.

Are You Concerned about Financial Matters?

Enforcement/Collections – Our firm has the means for enforcing and collecting child support and spousal support.
High Asset Divorce – Decisions regarding the division of significant shared assets, investments and property or debt may have potential tax implications.
Property Division – An equitable division of marital property is required by California law.
Spousal Support – Temecula Divorce Attorney Jeffrey Novack advocates for your interests in spousal support cases.

Other Family Law Issues to Consider:

Domestic Violence – There are steps we can take to help protect you and your children from emotional, physical or financial abuse.
Ex Parte Temporary Orders – When emergency situations arise, we can file for ex parte temporary orders to preserve custody arrangements, financial needs, a marital asset, and more.
Paternity – Establishing parentage is necessary for custody and support arrangements.
Prenuptial Agreements – We create a premarital agreement to outline the manner in which assets will be distributed in the future.

Efficient, Effective Results | Trusted Legal Guidance

Whether your divorce is simple or complex, our family law firm has developed a process to resolve the issue in a cost-efficient way. Temecula Family Law Lawyer Jeffrey Novack is a strong legal advocate who brings the law to your side.

Contact a Family Law and Divorce Expert

From our office in Temecula, Novack Law Offices provides affordable legal services to clients in Southwest Riverside County and North San Diego County. We have the skill and experience necessary to efficiently and effectively resolve your family law or divorce matter.

Call (951) 695-2855 and arrange to meet Family Law Lawyer Jeffrey Novack during a free consultation, or contact us through our Case Evaluation page. You will learn the ways our services can help you move forward with your life after divorce or other family law concerns.