Temecula & Encinitas High Asset Divorce Attorney


Temecula and Encinitas High Asset Divorce Attorney

Encinitas High Asset Divorce Lawyer Jeffrey Novack zealously protects the rights of clients in high net worth divorce cases. With over 30 years’ experience, Mr. Novack is an expert at resolving complex family law matters. He provides personalized services at a reasonable rate for clients throughout Southern California from offices in Encinitas and Temecula.

Do you have significant assets or own a home together? Do you have significant business interests, trust funds or inheritances? If these scenarios describe your situation, there are immediate decisions and actions you need to take throughout the divorce process. The Novack Law Firm can help.

Although it may seem like a straightforward process, the division of property and debt in high net worth divorce adds further complications. Family Law Attorney Jeffrey Novack is highly knowledgeable in these matters. He has earned certification by the California State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization as a Family Law Specialist and he is highly qualified to advocate for your interests.

Call (760) 942-1144 to schedule a private consultation with High Asset Divorce Attorney Jeffrey Novack. He will review your goal, help identify community property, and work diligently to obtain the best outcome for you.

High Asset Divorce Lawyer | Advice for Difficult Choices

Although many of us take it for granted, personal property quickly adds up into significant sums. Think of your vacation house, automobiles, retirement funds, investments, and bank accounts. Dividing shared property is complicated and involves significant tax implications.

That’s why it is imperative that you have professional representation from an experienced high asset divorce lawyer. We can help you make informed decisions and ensure your interests are addressed in any final settlement.

Community Property or Commingled? Division of Property

For high net worth spouses who divorce in California the court equitably divides assets and debts. If the asset was acquired during the marriage, it is the property of both spouses and therefore it is community property. If it was acquired before or after the date of separation, the property or debt may be found to belong to only one spouse. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

If the asset was acquired outside the marriage, and marital funds were used to acquire or support the asset, it is commingled and therefore it is also community property. However, there are also exceptions to this rule.

Tangible and intangible assets are subject to division when acquired during the marriage. Cash, property, and equipment are considered tangible assets. Intangible assets such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, and businesses in development are community property. In addition, there are exceptions to this rule.

As a skilled Encinitas High Asset Divorce Attorney, Mr. Novack will properly categorize assets and debts in addition to obtaining accurate appraisals. In this way, he will negotiate and advocate for the best possible financial results for you.

Call an Experienced Divorce Attorney You Can Trust

With over three decades of experience in divorce law in San Diego and Riverside Counties, Family Law Lawyer Jeffrey N. Novack has the knowledge and expertise you need to minimize stress, rest assured that your interests are being protected, and drive the legal process forward to your preferred outcome.

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