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Encinitas and Temecula Spousal Support Attorney

Encinitas Spousal Support Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack helps clients understand how the law regulates alimony, which is referred to in California as “spousal support.” As a family law specialist certified by the State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization, Alimony Attorney Jeffrey Novack uses his many years of experience to resolve spousal support problems.

Spousal support is not an automatic component of every divorce action in California. To determine whether an order for spousal support is appropriate in your matter, Alimony Lawyer Jeffrey N. Novack must perform a thorough analysis of the facts of your situation to determine how to best present a case for or against the implementation of a spousal support order. To discuss your specific circumstances with Encinitas Spousal Support Attorney Jeffrey Novack, schedule a free consultation by calling our family law firm at (760) 942-1144.

From offices in Encinitas and Temecula, we serve clients throughout Southern California with personalized, quality legal services.

The Two Types of Alimony in California

Temporary alimony is a temporary order for support. It is intended to maintain the financial status quo between the time of filing of the divorce and the final order or Judgment.

This type of spousal support can be determined using the same computer programs used in calculation of child support. Where appropriate, however, the court will consider an order which deviates from a “guideline,” in order to factor in exceptional circumstances affecting the maintenance of the status quo. Encinitas Family Law Attorney and Spousal Support Lawyer Jeffrey N. Novack understands that the determination of true income, needs, and marital standard of living is vital for both parties in a divorce.

Permanent Alimony

This type of alimony is designed to meet a spouse’s financial needs after a divorce has been completed. Our experienced Encinitas Spousal Support Lawyer explains how the circumstances of the client’s marriage or domestic partnership may affect permanent spousal support. In establishing a permanent order for spousal support, the court will look to a series of variables set forth in the Family Code to determine the amount, duration, and security for a spousal support award. The factors reviewed by the court include the following:

  • The Length of the Marriage or Domestic Partnership
  • The Degree of Material Comfort During the Marriage or Domestic Partnership
  • Each Spouse’s Employability
  • The Ability of the Supporting Spouse to Pay
  • The Period of Time the Supported Party Stayed Home with Children
  • The Obligations and Assets of each Spouse
  • The Age and Health of the Parties
  • Tax Consequences
  • The Balance of Hardships
  • Whether Employment Would Cause Difficulties in Caring for the Children
  • Debts and Property
  • Whether One of the Spouses Assisted the other Spouse with the Gaining of a Professional License for Career, Education, or Training Purposes
  • Whether Domestic Violence is a Factor
  • Whether One Spouse’s Career was Impacted by Caring for Children or the Home, or by Unemployment

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