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Temecula Child Support & Child Custody Attorney

Among the most challenging aspects of a divorce or separation are issues of child custody, child support, and child visitation. Temecula Child Custody Lawyer and Child Support Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack has been helping families work through such matters for over 30 years. As a certified expert in family law, he is highly qualified to create workable and enforceable solutions for the complicated issues that can arise in divorce or separation. He is a caring and knowledgeable family law attorney who guides clients through sensitive matters while prioritizing a positive relationship between parent and child.

Temecula Attorney Jeffrey Novack holds certification from the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. He is a Family Law Specialist who is recognized as possessing a deeper understanding of the law as it pertains to family issues. To gain this certification, Mr. Novack has completed further training to help clients gain a positive outcome in their case. Our firm serves clients in Temecula and throughout Southern California.

Special consideration is called for when child-related issues arise. Attorney Jeffrey Novack helps clients understand their legal obligations and rights regarding their children. The decisions made on child visitation, child support, and child custody impact life today and tomorrow. These are long-term decisions that will affect the entire family, your finances, and your future.

To schedule a consultation, call Temecula Attorney Jeffrey Novack at (951) 695-2855. Your initial appointment is offered at no charge. Attorney Novack will evaluate your case and answer questions on child custody, child visitation, and child support.

Child Custody and Child Visitation Attorney

It is common for divorcing or separating parents to disagree on matters that affect their children, and Child Custody Lawyer Jeffrey Novack understands this. Both parents likely want the most time possible with their child as they also adjust to a new life. Other issues could be involved such as domestic abuse or one parent planning to move away. For matters involving children, including child custody, the court always requires that the solution be in the child’s best interests.

Family law in California defines two kinds of child custody: Physical and legal. Physical custody refers to the actual location of the child’s residence. Legal custody refers to choices affecting the child’s welfare. It is common for parents to share these responsibilities and time with their child. In some cases, one of the parents ends up retaining full custody of their child.

If parents find themselves unable to agree on custody, family court will make the decision. Child Custody Attorney Jeffrey Novack advocates strongly for an outcome that serves the highest interests of the child. Many times, the court will consider information supplied by a child custody evaluator. When this occurs, interviews are conducted by a mental health professional with each individual involved before making recommendations. Temecula Attorney Jeffrey Novack can offer guidance to make sure the process is effective.

Child Support Lawyer

formula for child support is used by the state to determine the proper amount to be paid. The formula uses various factors such as each parent’s income and earning potential, tax status, childcare expenses, insurance costs, custody, and other kinds of expenses.

Child Support Lawyer Novack works to protect client interests. He advocates for proper child support and can defend clients against an unfair child support request. He is a skilled expert in these matters and has the experience needed to guide clients toward a successful outcome that protects their child’s wellbeing.

Our family law firm is ready to fight for your rights when it comes to collecting child support. Child Support Enforcement Lawyer Novack pursues the lawful payment of court-ordered support. Wage garnishments and liens against assets can be used to compel the non-paying parent to pay in accordance with child support orders.

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We represent clients in Temecula with effective, personalized legal representation and counsel. Attorney Novack is certified as a Family Law Specialist and understands how to protect your family’s interests during a divorce or separation. Call our office for help with child custody and child support issues.

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