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Rancho Santa Fe Family Law Attorney Jeffrey Novack

If you need representation from a Rancho Santa Fe Family Law Lawyer, Jeffrey Novack provides affordable counsel that is tailored to each case. As a Family Law Specialist certified by the Legal Specialization Board, Mr. Novack offers dependable guidance.

When facing a family law matter, such as a divorce or separation, advice from a skilled and experienced family law attorney can help protect your wellbeing. Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack Law Offices provide full

service representation for all types of divorce matters. This includes divorce mediation and high asset divorce. Mr. Novack helps clients with child support, spousal support, child visitation, child custody, domestic violence, property division, paternity, and support collections.

With his greater than 30 years’ experience helping clients in family law matters, Rancho Santa Fe Attorney Jeffrey Novack is able to offer a higher level of skill and expertise. This is evidenced by his status as a Certified Family Law Specialist. Mr. Novack offers compassionate legal guidance, understanding that the outcome of a case will likely affect a client and their family deeply. He works to help families resolve legal issues and move forward in life.

Since the ending of a marriage can have profound implications for each member of the family, the decisions that must be made should be given careful consideration. A couple’s choices regarding property division and other matters that involve their children will make a difference in each person’s future.

Rancho Santa Fe Family Law Attorney and Divorce Lawyer Novack is here to help individuals make these important decisions. By explaining the client’s rights in each matter as well as the implications of each choice, he helps them protect their future and that of their children. If you have questions and would like to discuss your case with Attorney Novack, you can set up a no-fee consultation and case evaluation by calling the office at (760) 942-1144.

Family Law Lawyer for Rancho Santa Fe, CA

As a Rancho Santa Fe family law attorney and divorce attorney with over 30 years of experience guiding people through family law issues, Mr. Novack has the skill it takes to help clients gain favorable outcomes. His status as a Certified Specialist demonstrates his superior knowledge in divorce law and other family law matters. This combination of qualifications allows clients better peace of mind when going through stressful legal situations that affect their family.

Advice Tailored to Your Needs

Rancho Santa Fe Family Law Lawyer Novack works with each client to understand and help them reach their specific goals in the case at hand. His specialist certification extends to all family law matters.

When You Are Facing a Divorce

Divorce – Sensible and compassionate guidance is given by Divorce Lawyer Novack throughout the divorce process. He assists each client as they make crucial decisions.

Divorce Mediation – If a divorcing couple find they would like to agree on terms but are unable to do so, Attorney Novack offers divorce mediation to help them move forward.

Limited Scope Services – Clients who need Mr. Novack’s assistance with only one or more specific issues related to divorce can make use of affordable, unbundled legal services.

If Children Are Involved

Child Custody – If a divorcing or separating couple has children, having a sensible custody arrangement and parenting plan is a crucial part of ensuring the wellbeing of the children and gaining approval from family law court.

Child Support – Attorney Novack helps clients establish and collect the level of child support that is proper and in accord with the law.

If You Are Concerned About Finances

Property Division – The state of California requires equitable division of property when two spouses divorce or separate.

High Asset Divorce – The way a couple chooses to divide assets, such as investments and real property as well as debt, will often have an impact on each person’s taxes.

Spousal Support – Rancho Santa Fe Divorce Attorney Novack advocates for his client’s interests throughout spousal support cases.

Support Enforcement and Collections – Child support and spousal support that has been ordered or approved by the court is subject to enforcement and collection actions. The family law firm of Jeffrey Novack can help with these concerns.

Other Family Law Matters

Domestic Violence – There are steps that can be taken to ensure the protection of your family from emotional, physical, or financial abuse.

Paternity – If it becomes necessary to determine paternity for purposes of custody, visitation, or support, Mr. Novack can help you navigate the legal issues involved.

Ex Parte Temporary Orders – When an emergency situation arises, ex parte temporary orders may be used to safeguard finances, marital assets, custody agreements, and related matters.

Prenuptial Agreements – Establishing a premarital agreement can determine in advance how a couple would divide assets should they later decide to divorce or separate.

Trustworthy Guidance from a Certified Specialist

In cases of complex or simple divorces, Novack Law Offices offer clients a cost-effective means to resolve the issues facing them. Rancho Santa Fe Family Law Lawyer Jeffrey N. Novack provides dependable representation that protects client rights.

Consult with a Skilled Family Law and Divorce Attorney

From his nearby Encinitas office, Family Law Lawyer Jeffrey Novack provides individuals in San Diego County with affordable representation, and his office in Temecula affords access to quality family law guidance for Riverside County as well.

To reach the Encinitas location, call (760) 942-1144. Mr. Novack offers a complimentary consultation to discuss your case. Alternatively you may fill out the online case evaluation form to contact us. Family Law Attorney Novack is ready to assist you in resolving issues and moving forward in life.