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Solana Beach Divorce Attorney & Mediator Jeffrey Novack

Solana Beach Divorce Lawyer Jeffrey Novack is an expert at providing trusted, efficient legal services to clients who are ending their marriage. If you’ve been thinking about filing for divorce, you may want to consider divorce mediation as an alternative to the traditional courtroom divorce. Mr. Novack helps divorcing clients resolve differences in a quicker, less-costly manner than going through the family law court system in a divorce trial.

With over three decades of experience helping individuals, couples, and families navigate sensitive legal issues, Divorce Attorney and Mediator Jeffrey N. Novack can help you through these challenging times. He understands these situations are stressful, and he is dedicated to providing the knowledge and insight necessary for resolving your legal matters.

Solana Beach Attorney Jeffrey Novack is designated as a family law expert. He has earned this certification from California’s State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. By extending his education and completing additional requirements, Mr. Novack is among a select group of family law lawyers that are certified family law specialists. He brings this knowledge and expertise to help you obtain the best possible outcome as you end your marriage.

Contact Solana Beach Divorce Mediator and Divorce Lawyer Jeffrey Novack by calling (760) 942–1144 to schedule your consultation. He can help you determine whether mediation is an appropriate option for your unique situation. He is prepared to provide answers, explain your rights, and help you understand the legal process as your case gets moving forward.

Divorce and Mediation Services for Solana Beach, CA

While you may never have intended divorce to be part of your life, the experience may be made much smoother with the assistance of our experienced divorce attorney and mediator. He will give you the information you need to make educated decisions about divorce and family law matters, including high asset divorce. With guidance from Novack Law Offices, you will discover the method of divorce that is best for your situation.

When Is Divorce Mediation the Right Choice?

A mediated divorce is the right choice when divorcing spouses want to make decisions about their family and their future. If you believe that you and your spouse know what is best, divorce mediation can let you maintain control of critical family issues. In the divorce mediation process, the divorcing couple works out differences under the guidance of a skilled mediator. This system is very different from a traditional courtroom divorce in which a judge makes the decisions on critical family matters.

Solana Beach Divorce Mediator Jeffrey Novack is an expert in this field, and he can help you and your spouse resolve issues such as child supportchild custodyspousal support and property division.

A mediated divorce can also have the following benefits:

  • Cost savings – The divorce mediation process results in a financial savings when compared to the high cost of a traditional divorce. A courtroom divorce requires each party to have their own legal representation. In divorce mediation, Mr. Novack is a neutral third-party who guides the divorcing spouses as they discuss and come to agreement on their legal issues.
  • Time savings – A courtroom divorce can be delayed with extensions and may extend over several years before it is final. The divorce mediation process can result in a substantial time savings. It does not depend on the court calendar and multiple divorce lawyers.
  • Less stress – The divorce mediation process is likely to be less stressful for all involved parties because the final decisions are not made by an arbitrary judge. In a mediated divorce, all decisions are made by the divorcing spouses.
  • Preserve relationships – Because both parties have a say in the outcome of a mediated divorce, it is possible for the two to maintain a positive relationship for the sake of the family. In a divorce trial, where spouses are fighting for their own interests, each may continue this adversarial stance when the divorce is finalized.

Divorce Options | A Skilled Attorney on Your Side

When it is not possible for the divorcing spouses to reach amicable agreements about their future, Solana Beach Divorce Lawyer Jeffrey Novack works zealously to advocate for his clients. He can protect your interests in all divorce-related matters. With certification as a family law expert, Mr. Novack can help you navigate the divorce process.

Contact Us for a Divorce and Mediation Consultation

Solana Beach Divorce Mediation Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack has the skill and knowledge to help you get on with your life. He can protect your interests and help you get on the path toward new experiences. Call Novack Law Offices at (760) 942–1144 and schedule a consultation today with our divorce attorney. Or contact us online. Our family law expert is prepared to find solutions for your legal issues.

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