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Solana Beach Family Law Attorney Jeffrey Novack

Novack Law Offices provide affordable representation tailored to each client’s case. Family Law Lawyer Jeffrey Novack is a Certified Specialist in family law and divorce.

Are you dealing with a family law issue like divorce? If so, a knowledgeable family law lawyer can advocate for your rights. Our law firm offers complete service and reliable counsel on divorces of all types, including high asset divorce or dissolution and divorce mediation. Mr. Novack understands how to handle child support, child custody, child visitation, spousal support, property division, support collections, paternity, and domestic violence.

Offering clients the benefits of his more than 30 years’ experience, Solana Beach Attorney Jeffrey Novack has been recognized for his expertise and skill by the Legal Specialization Board. Mr. Novack knows that the lives of clients are in a state of change, and he diligently helps them start a new life for themselves and their families.

When a marriage comes to an end, it can have a strong impact on each person involved. For this reason, most family law issues deserve careful consideration. Not only is a couple parting ways, but they must make decisions that affect the children and dictate how property will be divided.

Solana Beach Family Law Lawyer and Divorce Attorney Novack assists men and women through such events. He clearly explains the rights of the client and compassionately helps them take steps to protect their interests. To discuss your family law case with Mr. Novack and have your questions answered, dial

(760) 942-1144. You will receive a complimentary case evaluation and consultation on how to gain a favorable outcome.

Family Law Attorney for Solana Beach, CA

Divorce Attorney and Solana Beach Family Law Lawyer Jeffrey Novack has more than three decades’ experience helping men and women with family law situations. As a Certified Specialist, his knowledge of divorce law and related legal matters is unsurpassed. This degree of knowledge and skill guides individuals through their case with as little stress as possible.

Specialized Advice | Which Services Do You Need?

Attorney Jeffrey Novack partners with you in order to help you reach goals. He specializes in all types of family law issues.

Are You Facing the End of a Marriage?

Divorce – By providing compassionate and sensible legal guidance on divorce, our reliable divorce lawyer guides individuals through the process and helps them make crucial decisions that will affect their future.

Divorce Mediation – In cases where the two spouses would like to come to an agreement but are having trouble doing so, divorce mediation can prove to be invaluable for the family.

Limited Scope Services – If you only need assistance with a specific aspect of your case, unbundled legal services may be the right choice.

Are Your Children Involved?

Child Custody – If you have children, one of your highest priorities is creating a practical parenting plan and custody arrangement that protects your child’s best interests.

Child Support – Mr. Novack can help you establish and secure the proper level of child support.

Do You Have Financial Concerns?

Enforcement and Collections – Our family law firm can help individuals enforce and collect child support as well as spousal support that has been court ordered.

High Asset Divorce – Various decisions involving how to divide significant assets including property, investments, and even debt can impact your taxes.

Property Division – California law requires that the division of property between divorcing spouses be equitable.

Spousal Support – Solana Beach Divorce Lawyer Jeffrey Novack is a strong advocate for the client’s interests when handling a spousal support case.

Additional Family Law Considerations

Domestic Violence – Legal steps can be taken to protect the family from physical, financial, or emotional abuse.

Ex Parte Temporary Orders – In the event of an emergency situation, ex parte temporary orders can be filed to protect custody agreements, finances, marital assets, and similar needs.

Paternity – It may become necessary to establish parentage for support, custody, and visitation arrangements.

Prenuptial Agreements – Creating a premarital agreement allows a couple to determine how assets would be distributed in the event of separation or divorce.

Effective Guidance from a Trusted Source

Whether a simple divorce or a more complex one is developing, Novack Law Offices can help you resolve it in a cost-efficient manner. Solana Beach Family Law Attorney Jeffrey Novack offers strong representation and uses the law to protect your interests.

Consult a Certified Family Law and Divorce Specialist

From our Encinitas location, Novack Law Offices offer affordable representation and counsel to clients in Riverside County and San Diego County. Our team has the knowledge and experience that is needed to resolve your divorce or other family law matter.

Contact our office at (760) 942-1144 to schedule a no-charge consultation with Family Law Attorney Jeffrey Novack. The online contact form can also be used to get in touch with us. We can help you navigate family law matters and move forward in your life.