Temecula & Encinitas Property Division Attorney


Encinitas and Temecula Property Division Attorney

Encinitas Property Division Lawyer Jeffrey N. Novack has more than three decades of experience helping clients establish accurate and equitable property division. To gain advice and guidance from a certified family law expert, contact Novack Law Offices for a free consultation. We serve our clients from two convenient locations in Temecula and Encinitas.

Certified in Family Law by the California State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization, Encinitas Property Division Lawyer Jeffrey N. Novack understands that the division of assets and liabilities will likely be the foundation on which your new life is built.

Usually a couple works hard to accumulate assets during the marriage. By helping clients to secure an order for an equitable division of assets and debt, Encinitas Property Division Attorney Jeffrey Novack can help you transition past the divorce.

In marriages with large assets, property division is a significant segment of the divorce. In such cases, there are likely unique factors that our experienced family law attorney will help you address.

Unique Income Situations & Business Valuations

When one of the spouses has a business, it can create certain challenges. The process of valuing business interests can be complicated, and this complexity can be the basis for extensive litigation in many cases.

Encinitas Family Law Lawyer Jeffrey N. Novack is experienced in representing parties in business valuations. No matter how complicated the situation, he can guide clients through the process of determining the true value of property such as business interests, stock, and real estate by using forensic accountants and other outside experts.

Attorney Novack can also evaluate the following types of property and assets:

  • Stock Options
  • Retirement Accounts and Investments
  • Real Estate – House
  • Multiple Residences, including Rental Property and Vacation Homes
  • Partnership Interests
  • Business
  • Intellectual Property such as a Patent
  • Automobiles
  • Jewelry, Furniture, Clothing
  • Bank Accounts, Cash
  • Security Deposits (such as an Apartment)
  • Pension Plans
  • 401(K) Plans
  • Stocks, Bonds
  • Life Insurance that has Cash Value

Consultation with Property Division Attorney

As a knowledgeable and experienced Encinitas property division lawyer, Mr. Novack can help resolve complex financial disputes in an equitable and accurate manner. To find the expert support and advice necessary to properly address your case, contact our family law office by calling (760) 942-1144 or by using our online contact form.