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Temecula Mediation & Divorce Lawyer Jeffrey Novack

When divorcing couples need to settle differences, there are options besides going to court. Divorce mediation is a wiser choice for many. Mediation is a way to resolve disagreements without the stress, financial expense, and time that is involved in a courtroom battle.

Temecula Divorce Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack’s skill as a divorce mediator is a result of his three decades of experience helping individuals with divorce cases and other family law needs. He holds Family Law Certification from the California State Bar Board of Legal

Specialization. This means Mr. Novack has attained higher qualifications than most divorce attorneys. He has the expertise and knowledge needed to properly represent and protect client interests throughout divorce proceedings.

To reach Temecula Divorce Lawyer Jeffrey Novack and discuss divorce mediation or related matters, call (951) 695-2855 and schedule a consultation. He will answer questions and help you navigate the case in order to attain favorable results.

Temecula Divorce and Mediation

While many individuals would never have expected to be getting divorced, it is important to understand the options available before filing. Certified Divorce Attorney Jeffrey Novack helps clients with all types of divorce issues. If you need assistance with dispute resolution, he can provide appropriate solutions that meet your family’s needs. This includes complex high asset divorces and other family law cases.

Choosing Divorce Mediation

If you and your divorcing spouse wish to keep control over the outcome of the case rather than allow a judge to determine important aspects of the family’s future, mediation may be the right choice. Divorce Mediator Jeffrey Novack can help clients discern what is best for all parties involved and make sensible decisions on critical matters.

By means of mediation, couples are able to resolve disputes that have arisen in a divorce or other family law matter. Issues such as child custodyspousal supportproperty division,

and child support can be resolved in practical ways. Divorce mediation is efficient and effective, and it often benefits clients in the following areas:

Financial Savings – Because divorce mediation costs less than divorce litigation, there is a financial benefit.

Time Efficiency – Mediation is a quicker process than going to court. When couples use the court system to settle disputes, there may be multiple extensions filed that end up dragging the divorce out for several years.

Less Stress – Divorce and family law mediation provides a way for both sides to gain what they need. Overall, mediation produces better results for each party because they can work together in deciding on important matters. This can allow individuals to sidestep the

emotional distress that comes when a family court judge, a stranger, decides on issues that affect both parties’ futures.

Future Relationships – Although it is true that many divorcing couples are not very concerned about their future relationship, the truth is that if couples can deal with one another effectively, it results in multiple benefits to the children and entire family. The better the relationship is between ex-spouses, the better co-parents they can be.

Divorce Attorney in Temecula, California

If you know that mediation will not work for your case, Temecula Divorce Lawyer Novack is qualified to represent and protect your interests throughout the traditional divorce process. As a certified expert on divorce and other family law matters, he is able to guide individuals to the best possible outcome. He is a strong advocate for clients on all related issues such as child support, child custody, property division, and spousal support.

Divorce Mediation Consultation – Schedule Today

To make an appointment for a no-fee consultation with Temecula Divorce Mediation Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack, call the office at (951) 695-2855. Alternatively, you may submit an online case evaluation form. Due to his skill and 30 years’ experience, Temecula Attorney Novack is able to assist you and your family in overcoming the current hurdles and moving forward.