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Temecula & Encinitas Child Support Enforcement Attorney

Encinitas Child Support Enforcement Lawyer Jeffrey Novack has more than 30 years’ experience helping clients with the enforcement and collection of child support and spousal support payments.

We understand the hardship you are facing if your former partner fails to pay the court-ordered support. The Novack Law Offices can help you in the enforcement and collection of child support and spousal support payments. Remedies can include garnishing of the other parent’s pay or the ordering of a contempt judgement that could possibly put the nonpaying parent in jail.

Encinitas Spousal Support Enforcement Lawyer and Child Support Enforcement Attorney Jeffrey Novack provides personalized services and is involved in your case at every step of the way.

Family Law Attorney Jeffrey Novack is dedicated to helping parents deal with all types of family law matters, including the financial and emotional issues that arise when support payments are not on time.

Call (760) 942-1144 and arrange for a free consultation to discuss your situation. We can help you understand your rights while providing zealous support to move forward.

Types of Child Support Enforcement

Child Support Attorney Jeffrey Novack is highly experienced in the collection and enforcement of court orders regarding support. With certification as a Family Law Specialist by the California State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization, Mr. Novack is an expert in this field. Depending on your situation, he may pursue several remedies on your behalf, including the following:

Wage Garnishment – The Family Support Act of 1988 allows child support to be taken out of the delinquent parent’s paycheck

Mandatory Coverage Under Health Insurance – In certain cases, the court may order the children to be covered under the health insurance of the nonpaying parent.

Liens – At times, a lien may be placed on the nonpaying parent’s assets.

Systematic Remedies for Child Support in California

Due to the large numbers of parents who have routinely been delinquent in paying child support, the Department of Child Support Services handles arrears cases and can aggressively pursue payment. Child Support Lawyer Jeffrey Novack is prepared to help you learn your rights and obligations while guiding you through the enforcement and collection process.

Call an Experienced Spousal Support Enforcement Lawyer

Child Support Lawyer and Spousal Support Attorney Jeffrey Novack can help with enforcing or collecting a court order of support that is due to you. Contact Novack Law Offices at (760) 942-1144 and discuss your circumstances with our highly knowledgeable family law lawyer. We offer a free, private consultation to answer your questions and assist in the areas you need most. We are also available by email.

Encinitas Child Support Attorney Jeffrey Novack can guide you through this enforcement of court orders case and help you exercise your rights under the law.