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Menifee Divorce Attorney & Mediator Jeffrey Novack

Couples who are planning on divorcing do have options. Going to court could be the right choice, but divorce mediation is a better solution for many. Mediation is a faster process and allows individuals to resolve their issues in a more amicable and less expensive manner.

As a certified Family Law Specialist, Menifee Divorce Lawyer Jeffrey N. Novack can expertly guide clients through divorce and similar family law issues. He has been certified by California’s State Bar Board of Legal Specialization and has over three decades of experience. Attorney Novack’s certification is granted only to select attorneys whose qualifications rise above those of most divorce lawyers. He has the skill and expertise needed to protect your interests and resolve issues that arise in the divorce process.

To make arrangements for a consultation with Menifee Divorce Lawyer and Divorce Mediator Jeffrey Novack, call the office at (951) 695-2855. Mr. Novack will provide answers to your questions and insight on your case as well as show you how to get things moving towards a resolution.

Menifee Divorce and Mediation

While it may be true that filing for divorce was never a part of your original plan, it is important to consider your choices carefully when doing so. Divorce Attorney Jeffrey Novack has been certified as a family law expert and can explain which options would be most sensible for your situation and concerns. He is able to guide clients through all types of divorce matters, including dispute resolution and high asset divorces.

Divorce Mediation – The Right Solution?

If you and your former spouse would like to have a say in the terms of your divorce instead of simply leaving the decisions up to the judge, Divorce Mediator Jeffrey Novack can help you achieve this. Mediation allows divorcing couples to decide on what is actually best for their family as they move into new circumstances.

Divorce mediation helps a couple resolve issues that come up during divorce, including child supportspousal supportchild custody, and property division. Mediation offers a more efficient way of handling such matters, and it can benefit families in these ways:

Financial Savings – Using divorce mediation is less expensive than a divorce resolved in the courtroom because you do not incur the expense of having a separate divorce attorney for each spouse.

Time Savings  Mediation represents a quicker way to resolve issues and complete divorce. The courtroom litigation traditionally involved in divorce can be delayed by many factors and can end up taking many years to become final.

Emotional distress – The process of divorce and family law mediation provides a way for each side to gain what they need. This means that the overall results of mediation are more positive than typical courtroom divorces. When spouses are helped to work together to make important decisions affecting their family’s future, the outcome is less traumatic than when a complete stranger makes those decisions.

Future relationships – Although most divorcing couples may not be very concerned with the future of their relationship, it can be quite beneficial to everyone when a healthy relationship is cultivated, especially when children are involved. Mediation makes successful co-parenting more achievable.

Divorce in Menifee, California

If mediation is not the right choice for your situation, Menifee Divorce Attorney Jeffrey Novack is still able to expertly represent and protect your interests throughout the divorce process. As a certified specialist in family law matters including divorce, he will help you work towards a favorable outcome. Menifee Attorney Novack can guide you through all aspects of divorce, including spousal support, property division, child custody, and child support.

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To make an appointment for a consultation with Menifee Divorce Mediation Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack, call Novack Law Offices at (951) 695-2855. We also accept submissions of completed online case evaluation forms. Mr. Novack possesses over 30 years’ experience helping clients achieve successful outcomes, and he can help you resolve divorce issues and prepare for your new life.