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Encinitas and Temecula Child Support Attorney

Encinitas Child Support Lawyer Jeffrey N. Novack has over 30 years of experience helping parents secure the appropriate amount of child support after a divorce or separation. At Novack Law Offices, we offer customized legal services at an affordable rate in a wide range of family law matters.

We understand this is an emotional time for you and your family. We have seen the way that having two households increases the expenses because the household is divided. This reduction in funds creates challenges in making certain that children’s needs are met.

Despite the difficult financial circumstances, children need the stability that financial support can provide. Whether you are seeking or defending against a child support request, Family Law Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack makes certain the appropriate analysis of the parents’ available funds or ability to earn is made, thus allowing for the greatest security for the children.

Encinitas Child Support Lawyer Jeffrey N. Novack is recognized by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California as a Certified Specialist in Family Law. He has decades of experience helping families and individuals achieve their legal goals. To make an appointment and discuss your child support questions, schedule a free consultation by calling the Novack Law Firm at (760) 942-1144.

With two convenient offices, Child Support Attorney Jeffrey Novack serves clients throughout Southern California. Our San Diego County clients often meet us in our Encinitas office. Our Riverside County clients can choose to meet us at our Temecula office.

State Guidelines for Child Support Determination

Child support in California is controlled by state guidelines which utilize a mandatory formula. Courts are using computer programs to implement this complicated guideline. In using these programs, factors such as the gross income of both parties and certain deductible expenses are entered in the formula to determine the correct amount of child support. If either of the parents dispute the amount of child support, the matter will be decided by a judge who considers the guidelines before determining the amount of child support to be paid.

Given the rigid nature of the guidelines, the primary influence over calculating appropriate child support payments is in the determination of income. Our clients benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience of Encinitas Child Support Attorney Jeffrey Novack. He determines the true income necessary for this formula.

The Guideline Calculation Depends On:

  • How Much Money the Parents Earn or Can Earn
  • How Much Other Income Each Parent Receives
  • How Many Children These Parents Have Together
  • How Much Time Each Parent Spends with Their Children
  • The Actual Tax Filing Status of Each Parent
  • Support of Children from Other Relationships
  • Health Insurance Expenses
  • Mandatory Union Dues
  • Mandatory Retirement Contributions
  • The Cost of Sharing Daycare and Uninsured Health Care
  • Other Factors

In certain situations, additional factors must also be factored in for consideration of child support, including costs for travel of a special needs child, educational expenses, necessary equipment and more.

Enforcement of Child Support Orders

If you are not receiving the child support you have been court ordered to receive, Child Support Lawyer Jeffrey N. Novack is experienced at enforcing a child support order. Contact our office for assistance.

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Encinitas Child Support Attorney Novack has many years of experience helping families resolve child support issues. To discuss your case and receive answers to your questions, call the Novack Law Firm at (760) 942-1144 and schedule a free consultation or use our online case evaluation form.

With over three decades of experience, Family Law Lawyer Jeffrey Novack provides personalized legal services at each step of the way.