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Menifee Family Law Attorney Jeffrey Novack

Menifee Family Law Attorney and Divorce Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack provides reasonably priced legal services tailored to the specific needs of individual clients. If divorce seems imminent or if you have already received divorce papers, our family law firm can help. We assist clients with all types of family law matters in order to help them build a better life for themselves and their families.

Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney Jeffrey Novack is a Certified Specialist in Family Law and thus offers an expert’s perspective and guidance. He has been certified by the State Bar of California’s Board of Legal Specialization as an authority on divorce and family law matters.

Despite Mr. Novack’s expertise in family law dispute resolutions, he understands that when a marriage ends, it is difficult for all involved. In addition to a couple ending their relationship, other family members can be deeply affected. There is property to be divided and decisions to be made regarding the wellbeing of the children.

Such decisions are difficult in even the best of circumstances, but often divorce is accompanied by confusion and hardship that can cloud judgement. For this reason, it is essential to obtain expert representation and compassionate guidance for the purpose of protecting your interests when it is most needed.

Call Novack Law Offices to schedule a free consultation in which you can discuss your questions and family law matters with Menifee Attorney Jeffrey Novack. Phone (951) 695-2855 to receive an upfront evaluation and productive advice on how to achieve a positive outcome for yourself and other family members involved.

Family Law Lawyer in Menifee, CA

Lawyer Jeffrey Novack has over 30 years’ experience in divorce law. His compassionate and professional counsel is personalized for each client’s circumstances, and his knowledge of California family law and the relevant requirements is unmatched.

Regardless of how far along you are in the divorce process, it is vital that you have a strong, trustworthy advocate representing your interests and guiding you through each necessary step. Our family law firm makes this process as anxiety free as possible.

Choosing Expert Family Law Services for Your Needs

We work with you to help achieve your objectives. Attorney Jeffrey Novack is a specialist in many types of family law cases, including the following.

When a Marriage is Ending:

Divorce – We provide the advice needed to make the tough decisions necessary in a divorce. Our priority is helping clients resolve matters so they may move forward and pursue new goals.

Divorce Mediation – If divorcing spouses are able to reach an amicable decision, divorce mediation may provide the best outcome.

Limited Scope Representation – A la carte or unbundled legal services allows us to handle specific parts of your case and help you stay on budget.

If Children are Involved:

Child Support – When parents separate, it is important to establish proper child support.

Child Custody – Having appropriate custody arrangements and a parenting plan will advance your child’s wellbeing and is a priority in the eyes of the family law court.

When You are Concerned about Financial Issues:

Enforcement & Collections – There are many ways of enforcing spousal support and child support collection.

High Asset Divorce – It is vital that informed decisions are made about the division of shared property or significant debts as well as regarding assets & investments in order to successfully navigate possible tax implications.

Property Division – When a couple divorces or separates in California, the law requires an equitable division of property.

Spousal Support – Menifee Divorce Lawyer Jeffrey Novack provides strong advocacy for client rights in matters of support or alimony.

Additional Family Law Matters to Consider:

Domestic Violence – Whether this issue has caused divorce or it has developed after divorce proceedings have begun, domestic abuse is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.

Ex Parte Temporary Orders – In some emergency situations, ex parte orders are required to preserve community assets, care for financial needs, or establish arrangements for child custody.

Paternity – Each parent has the right and duty to be involved in the care, financial wellbeing, and life of their child. Establishing parentage can help to enable this.

Prenuptial Agreements – A premarital agreement outlines how assets would be handled if death, divorce, or legal separation occurs.

Effective Legal Guidance at Affordable Rates

Some divorces are more straightforward and amicable, and some spouses wish to proceed with the least expense possible. Even in such cases, it is still advisable to seek counsel from a reputable law firm and engage them for limited scope services as well as needed advice.

Call a Divorce and Family Law Expert

Our services are affordable and tailored to your needs. Payment options are offered as well to fit your circumstances. Call Menifee Family Law Lawyer Jeffrey Novack’s Southwest Riverside County office at (951) 695-2855 to schedule a free consultation, or submit a completed case evaluation form online. Family Law Lawyer Jeffrey Novack will discuss with you how our firm can help protect the interests of your family in your divorce or related matter.