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Del Mar Family Law Attorney Jeffrey Novack

When a skilled Del Mar family law lawyer is needed, Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack is ready to provide reliable guidance and representation. He is a Certified Family Law Specialist who can help resolve the issues you are facing.

If you are dealing with divorce, separation, or another family law matter, gaining advice from an experienced family law lawyer can be the key to a more positive outcome. Novack Law Offices offer divorce mediation and lead clients through high asset divorces and many other types of family law issues, including child support, child custody, domestic violence, paternity, support collections, property division, child visitation, and more.

Having certification from the California Board of Legal Specialization as a Family Law Specialist and over three decades of experience in assisting people with family law matters, Del Mar Attorney Jeffrey Novack is well qualified to provide a higher level of service to clients. His effective legal guidance is offered with compassion. Mr. Novack understands the large impact these matters will have on the family, so he works diligently to find the most appropriate solution for the issues at hand. Skilled legal advice can help settle issues and let individuals move forward with their lives.

It is true that when a marriage ends, it will most likely have a profound effect on everyone involved. For this reason, decisions related to divorce and separation should be made carefully. For example, choices made over property division, support, and parenting will affect each family member’s future.

Del Mar Family Law Lawyer and Divorce Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack can help you make insightful decisions on these important matters. He explains your rights and the possible effects of each choice available. The goal is to protect the future of the client and the children. For any questions, a consultation with Attorney Novack can be scheduled at no charge. To make an appointment and receive a free case evaluation, please call (760) 942-1144.

Family Law Lawyer for Del Mar, CA

Mr. Novack has been a divorce lawyer and family law lawyer for more than 30 years. He knows how to guide you through your case and reach a favorable outcome. As a Family Law Specialist, Attorney Novack has a deeper knowledge of divorce laws and related family law matters. His experience and qualifications allow him to provide reliable representation that puts clients’ minds at ease as they address stressful legal situations.

Tailored Advice for Your Case

Del Mar Family Law Attorney Novack is attentive to the needs and concerns of each client in order to help them reach objectives. His certification covers all areas of family law.

When Getting Divorced

Divorce – Dependable guidance is provided by Divorce Lawyer Novack during the course of the case. He helps the client make sensible decisions at each stage of the divorce process.

Divorce Mediation – When a couple is divorcing but have difficulty agreeing on specific terms, divorce mediation may be the answer. This provision can help individuals move past disagreements and complete the divorce.

Limited Scope Services – If only one or a few issues need attention, unbundled legal services can provide the assistance needed at an affordable rate.

When the Divorcing Couple has Children

Child Support – When children are involved, Mr. Novack assists clients in properly establishing and collecting the correct child support in accord with applicable legal guidelines.

Child Custody – Having a workable custody arrangement is vital in order for successful co-parenting to happen. In addition, a well-thought-out parenting plan is needed for the court’s approval.

When Finances are a Concern

Property Division – In California, division of property must be equitable in a divorce or separation.

High Asset Divorce – It is important to consider multiple factors when dividing assets in a divorce. The manner in which investments, debt, and real property are distributed will impact each individual’s taxes. Attorney Novack’s family law firm can help you make sensible decisions in this regard.

Spousal Support – Del Mar Divorce Attorney Novack is a strong advocate for client interests in all spousal support matters.

Support Collections and Enforcement – When spousal or child support has been ordered by the court, enforcement and collection actions can be taken if needed.

When You Have Other Family Law Concerns

Domestic Violence – Steps can be taken to protect yourself and your family from abuse of a physical, emotional, or financial nature.

Paternity – When it is necessary to establish paternity for a matter relating to support, visitation, custody, or a similar reason, Attorney Novack is able to guide clients through the legal aspects of the situation.

Ex Parte Temporary Orders – In the event of an unexpected situation, ex parte temporary orders can protect custody agreements, marital assets, and other financial concerns.

Prenuptial Agreements – Before a couple marries, they can create a premarital agreement to determine in advance how assets would be divided in the event of a future divorce.

Reliable Advice from a Certified Family Law Specialist

Whether yours is a simple or complex divorce, Novack Law Offices can guide you through the process in a cost-effective manner and help resolve challenges. Del Mar Family Law Attorney Jeffrey Novack uses his skill and experience to protect your interests.

Consult a Knowledgeable Divorce Attorney

Family Law Attorney Novack has been providing families in Riverside County and San Diego County with reliable, affordable representation for many years. For the convenience of clients, he provides service from his Temecula and Encinitas offices.

To contact the Encinitas office, dial (760) 942-1144. Family Law Attorney Jeffrey N. Novack provides the first consultation at no charge. The online form can also be used to contact Mr. Novack. He is ready to help you through your case so you can move past the current difficulties and on to the rest of your life.